Our Mission

To nurture an inclusive, collaborative community centered around mindfulness practice.

Our Values

  • We approach connections with compassion, curiosity, and gratitude.
  • We invite awareness and accountability for our words and our actions.
  • We celebrate simple joys with a beginner’s mind.
  • We cultivate community resilience.

Who We Are

Mindful Observer is an online community that supports mindfulness practice. While a lot of mindfulness practice can be experienced internally, we believe that what brings it all home is the simple opportunity to connect, collaborate, and grow alongside peers and teachers. Mindful Observer is here to offer a safe, supportive environment that nurtures mindfulness practice. Our community enables members to participate in virtual meditation groups, forums, online coursework, and individual or group lessons with a Mindfulness Coach. 

Our Logos

The Circle

Mindful Observer’s header logo is a bright circle with a hole in the center. The unbroken circle is a symbol of connection, and its central hole symbolizes the grounding energy of our common nature. Spiritually, the circle can be thought of as a representation of Self, eternity, unity, origin, and the cycles of life. An intentionally simple logo, it speaks to our appreciation for keeping things simple in a busy, modern world.

The Astronaut

Mindful Observer’s footer logo features an astronaut holding the Gyan Mudra meditative position. The Gyan Mudra is a hand gesture of Buddhist and Hindu traditions that symbolizes peace, calm, wisdom, and enlightenment. This logo speaks to our appreciation for the amazing science and technology of our age, as well as our profound respect for the global healing traditions we inherit. We celebrate, respect, and honor the history and sacred roots of the Gyan Mudra. As forever learners of mindfulness practice, we seek not to appropriate, but to appreciate, listen, and continue to learn.

Our (Small But Mighty) Team

Matt Mullane, MD MPH — President & CEO

Christen Mullane, PhD — Creative Director

Shannon Mullane, MJ — Editing Consultant

Jess Baryla — Media Consultant