Trauma-Informed Mindfulness

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mindful Observer?

Mindful Observer is an inclusive online mindfulness community. Community members are able to access helpful forums, collaborative practice groups, online coursework, and individual lessons with a Mindfulness Coach.

What sets Mindful Observer apart from other mindfulness apps?

There are a great many mindfulness apps to choose from. We encourage you to explore them all! Mindful Observer is unique in its offering of a truly interactive community for your practice. Many apps provide incredible tools such as expert-led courses, thoughtful lessons, and fantastic audio recordings. We believe that what brings it all home is the opportunity to connect, collaborate and grow alongside peers and certified mindfulness teachers.

How much does Mindful Observer cost?

We believe that a mindful community is one without ads. Because Mindful Observer is ad-free, we rely on our members to keep our community running. In an effort to avoid price-exclusivity, our basic membership costs just $7 per month. Financial hardship applications are available to offer discounted memberships to those in need. Learn more about our pricing plans.

How do I become a Mindfulness Teacher?

You can apply to join our team of Mindfulness Teachers if you are currently enrolled in, or have already completed, an Accredited Mindfulness Teacher Training Program (AMTTP). Learn more about working with clients on the Mindful Observer platform by visiting our Careers page.

What is the CMT-P Trainee Mentoring Program?

This program is for individuals who are enrolled in, or have already completed, an Accredited Mindfulness Teacher Training Program (AMTTP) and are planning to apply for CMT-P certification. In addition to successfully completing your course, you will need to (1) maintain a mindfulness meditation practice for at least three years, (2) attend at least two five-days or longer mindfulness meditation retreats, and (3) teach a minimum of 35 hours of mindfulness classes, programs, or individual sessions. The CMT-P Trainee Mentorship Program will help you complete these requirements in a fun and engaging community!